Tiki: Francisco Lindor is overpaid, but Mets fans should focus on his value instead of contract


Francisco Lindor continues to be a hot button issue with Mets fans, as the $341 million shortstop continues to hover around a .225 batting average after starting this week’s series in Chicago with seven hitless at-bats.

But Tiki says Mets fans need to stop focusing on the contract and take an objective look at Lindor as a player, and acknowledge that even if he will never be the hitter he was in Cleveland, he is still a top 10 shortstop with great value.

“If Francisco Lindor was terrible, I’d say he’s terrible,” Tiki said to Pavel, an angry caller venting about Lindor. “But he’s not. You’re caught up with the money. He’s overpaid, but that doesn’t take away from his value to this team. He’s a top 10 shortstop.

“He’s gonna play tight defense up the middle, he’s gonna make every play he needs to make…and he’s gonna have 100 RBI and hit 20 home runs. What more do you want from a shortstop?”

Lindor was one of the top shortstops in the league last season, but his bat hasn’t come around so far in 2023. Still, thanks to his ability to post every day, Lindor’s numbers will be there at the end of the year, while he consistently provides elite defense at a premium position. So, Tiki says to stop worrying about Steve Cohen’s wallet and appreciate what Lindor brings to the team.

“The problem is everybody is looking at the money,” Tiki said. “Yeah, he’s overpaid…but that’s not what I’m judging it on. I’m judging him on his value to the team, and it’s more than just hitting 38 home runs like he did in Cleveland.”

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