Tiki & Tierney: Are Mets more like 2002 Patriots, or 2021 Knicks?


One caller on the Tiki and Tierney show compared the 2022 Mets to the early versions of the New England Patriots dynasty, and neither Tiki nor Tierney were quick to write it off.

“New England has earned the respect of everybody in the sport because they won or were in positions to win every year,” Tiki said. “It’s about the details.

“There’s always these little situational moments that the Mets just seem to get right, and that’s the Patriots…it allows role players to play above themselves.”

Mets fans would certainly love for their team to evolve in that direction, as the Patriots went on to become arguably the most successful dynasty in NFL history, but BT says they would need a centerpiece in the lineup like Tom Brady was at quarterback, and not just at pitcher like with Max Scherzer or Jacob deGrom.

“I would never even think to look at it that way…the only think I would push back on: can you have the Mets version of Brady not be a position player?” BT said. “Like if you told me Jeter back in the day, that’s an understandable comparison.”

BT then quickly pondered if the Mets were like the 2020-21 Knicks, a surprisingly successful team that faded out in the playoffs, but Tiki quickly turned that down given the Mets’ established star power, and not unexpected ascendants like Julius Randle.

BT quickly agreed.

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