Boomer & Gio relish the end of the KD/Kyrie era: 'What a spectacular failure'


Over the summer, Boomer Esiason, Gregg Giannotti, and Boomer’s good friend Wally Szczerbiak apparently had a celebratory call to relish in the fact that the “disaster” that was the Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving era in Brooklyn was apparently over once KD requested a trade.

That trade never happened…but on Sunday, an Irving deal did, as he’s off to Dallas in a four-player deal that included picks coming back to Brooklyn – and at 3 A.M. local time, as their first show from Super Bowl Radio Row kicked off, Boomer & Gio were ECSTATIC to start the week saying bye to Ky.

“That disaster we thought was over in the summer, it wasn’t over then, but it is over today, so let the celebration begin!” Gio exclaimed. “What a failure Brooklyn, what a failure!”

“This week couldn’t have started any better than it did with this Kyrie news,” Boomer said. “This guy took a blowtorch to the Nets and just absolutely blew them up!”

Boomer, though, admitted that from a player’s perspective, he probably would’ve done the same thing if he were in Kyrie’s shoes.

“The way the Nets were trying to extend him, there was no way he was signing a contract like that,” Boomer said. “So, he has to force the Nets to trade him, and do it now, so he can make sure his Bird rights go with him – so if Mark Cuban and the Mavericks are idiot enough to sign him to a contract extension, they can give him the max amount. What an absolute disgrace this has turned out to be!”

And in Boomer’s words, “the circus isn’t over yet.”

“Now we have to wait and hear from Kevin Durant because we have to give him everything he wants now, and if he wants out, his destination is likely to be right here in Phoenix,” Boomer said. “Now it’s up to Sean Marks to pick up the pieces of this wreck of a franchise!”

Boomer noted that the morning show has picked on just about every team over the years – but “this disaster is Bobby Bonilla or Jacoby Ellsbury-esque.”

“Kyrie can play, no question about it, but those guys – maybe Bobby Bonilla did – but those guys just didn’t crash and burn a franchise like Irving did,” Boomer said. “Remember when they signed here, and all the platitudes about how it was great for Kyrie to be coming home?”

“Oh I remember everyone coming after us and all the Knicks fans about Brooklyn being the big boy now,” Gio responded, “and I never wanted to see them with a championship, because I wanted this day to come where we can celebrate. This is revenge, this is a mess!”

Maybe, Gio posited, KD stays and the Nets can pull themselves out of it and be competitive…but don’t count on KD sticking around.

“The next part of this is to see whether Phoenix is desperate enough to offer what it takes for an unhappy Kevin Durant,” Boomer said. “Part of the ridiculousness of this was the Nets paying Durant not to play the first year after his injury, but I think he’s just caught up in the wake that is the psychosis of Kyrie Irving.”

And as Booms reiterated, Kyrie can play, but is the on-court play worth the off-court headache?

“The problem is that he is…I don’t know how to say it any differently, but Kyrie is just a cancer,” Boomer said. “Whatever is going on in his world or wherever his brain is at, there’s just so much crap you have to put up with.”

“We’ve seen talent win out in sports, where guys with checkered pasts get second chances time and time again,” Gio replied, “but this is different, because the Nets fans I know can’t stand him and are happy that he’s gone.”

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