NBA insider sheds light on why Kevin Durant wants Nets to trade him


The Brooklyn Nets have been a disorganized mess the last few years.

That incessant chaos apparently is pushing Kevin Durant out the door.

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Durant arrived in Brooklyn alongside Kyrie Irving three years ago, but the only thing to happen in their favor since is one playoff series win against a terrible Celtics team. Now, both Durant and Irving want trades, with Durant’s market likely to be enormous.

When Irving decided against opting out of his contract, there was a moment when it seemed like they’d try to take a clean slate approach and see if they can reach their potential. But the lack of leadership apparently has been so irksome to Durant that it’s at least partially the reason he wants to be moved.

“One thing I was told is that there was a lack of leadership. There was a lack of structure,” Yahoo! NBA insider Chris Haynes said Thursday night on Danny Green’s podcast “Inside the Green Room” (10:29 in player above). “He hates drama, he hates drama surrounding him. He hates when reporters are looking into the future about what moves could be made, he’ll tell you ‘Look man, focus on the 30 points or the win we just had tonight. I don’t want to hear about the drama or where I could be going or all of that stuff.

“There was just a lot of that swirling around, and there was really nobody in the organization that had a voice, a respected voice that could come in and say look, we need to stop this and get things in order. It was just a lot of chaos, and KD doesn’t function well under that type of a setting. He still plays well, it’s not going to stop his game, but he would prefer not to have all those antics going on.”

The easy counterargument is that Durant probably should have been that voice. He had say in pretty much everything and the Nets met those demands more often than not. Griping that Steve Nash or Sean Marks or whoever should have done more rings hollow when he’s supposed to be the all-world player.

That said, Durant did do his part insofar as not creating or adding to the drama. He spent his first season in Brooklyn quietly rehabbing his Achilles injury, and even when things were going sideways for the Nets last season he seldom did anything to rock the boat.

Still though, Durant got everything he wanted in Brooklyn. It didn’t work out, but he’s probably not going to get much sympathy for whatever reasons he has for wanting out.

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