Sal Licata destroys 'LOL Nets,' calls Kevin Durant 'a soft superstar'


Sal Licata & Jerry Recco went off on a lot of rants while filling in for Boomer & Gio on Friday, including one from Sal on the insanity of NBA contracts – but there was no way that Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and the Brooklyn Nets were getting away unscathed.

And sure enough, there was Sal calling KD “soft.”

“He ran away from Oklahoma City to join the Warriors to win easy championships, and then he teamed up with his buddy Kyrie because he wanted to live in New York and enjoy it and take advantage of all that has to offer,” Sal said. “Now things when there’s doubt about the future, he bolts!”

And Sal is sarcastically shocked that top contenders Phoenix and Miami seem to be atop Durant’s list of preferred destinations.

“Once again, the easy way out for a soft superstar in Kevin Durant!” Sal ranted.

Jerry tried to circle it back to note that the Nets were not a championship ready team, but KD elevates whatever team he’s on immediately, but Sal is not feeling the era of player empowerment.

“Nets fans and apologists for KD, I wonder how they feel now,” Sal replied. “But forget about the individuals: I’ve never been a believer in letting the players run things. I don’t care who it is – I’ll deal without him. I run things the way I run things as an organization.”

Sal noted Pat Riley in Miami “does it better than anyone else” in not letting superstars take control of the organization, and wishes the Nets would’ve.

“The Nets did that with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving: firing the coach, trading certain players, giving them the keys to the kingdom to do whatever the hell they want to,” Sal said, “and now look at what they did: they’re ruining the franchise, because KD wants out!”

The ultimate conclusion: the Nets are just bizarre.

“I can’t stand Kyrie and KD, those two losers that ruined a franchise that was doing things the right way,” “You hand over the keys to the superstars, and this is what you get. This is as disastrous and embarrassing as it gets. This is just a disgrace for the Nets…LOL NETS!”

Jerry’s positive spin: at least Boomer & Gio were off, because they’d probably destroy the Nets worse than Sal, although even he had to admit that “the Kyrie thing is bizarre on every level.”