Rick Wolff's Sports Edge: Coach X checks in on HS coaching during the pandemic


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We’ve been talking a great deal on the Sports Edge in recent weeks about whether it makes sense for our kids to go back and play HS sports and whether the time is finally right to move ahead — or to wait a little longer until everyone is vaccinated — that I don’t want to overlook the courageous individuals who have gone back to teaching in the classrooms and to the coaches who have returned to the gyms and rinks.

To that end, I got to thinking. For those coaches in particular – especially those who are over the age of 50 – they have all had to think long and hard about whether to return this year.

The more I thought about it, the more I decided that the time had come to hear from an experienced HS coach – someone who has spent a lot of time in the coaching trenches over the years, and has come back over the last few weeks to return to coaching a HS program in our area.

And quite honestly, I also wanted someone who isn’t afraid to speak up and to tell the truth. That’s what led me to my old friend, Coach X.  I wanted to interview him this AM, because he’s back coaching HS kids again.

If you recall, I refer to him as Coach X because by not revealing his identity or where he coaches, he’s always been able to tell us about the current issues and any concerns when it comes to coaching HS varsity boys basketball players. And on today’s show, I was eager for Coach X to fill us in on what it’s like to be an active coach during a pandemic.

Just a little background: Coach X is a long-time HS basketball coach somewhere in our listening area. The public HS basketball team that he coaches is back playing – both practicing and playing varsity games. Coach X is over the age of 50. As much as he loves coaching, he first checked with his wife and kids about whether he should return to coaching, then checked with his physician, and was also able to get his two shots of vaccine. In other words, he put a lot of effort into all of this before heading back to coaching.

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