This was the most awkward start to the NFL Draft in history


You know things are bad when Roger Goodell throws it over to Ice Cube to stop the home crowd from booing their quarterback.

Or as the commissioner calls him, “Cube.”

Goodell kicked off the NFL Draft with his annual tradition of using hometown players and legends to prevent those in attendance from drowning him with boos. Raiders great Marcus Allen was on stage along with Darren Waller and Derek Carr, who also fell victim to the boo birds.

That’s when Goodell called up “Cube,” who promptly blew out the microphone. He appeared to be trying to pump up the crowd, but it just sounded like a lot of noise.

“If you’re ready for this draft, let me hear you say “yeah!,” Ice Cube screamed, amidst the static.

Then Carr stepped up to the podium and sounded as if he was whispering. But fortunately, we could still see his mohawk. He looked like he was getting ready to head out to a night on the Vegas strip, or start his shift at the used car dealership. Either one.

Earlier Thursday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that a front office exec told him this is the “craziest draft” they’ve seen in 30 years. Well, it looks like that exec was right ... at least as it pertains to the opening ceremony.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports