Boomer & Gio: Which New York team winning a title would spark wildest fan response?


The Knicks have reignited the basketball buzz in New York with their recent nine-game winning streak, while the Jets offseason has been incredibly eventful already with the prospect of Aaron Rodgers joining a young group that feels ready to contend.

For Boomer and Gio, the response from those two rabid fanbases of late raises the question: which New York team winning a title would ignite the craziest scene in the City?

“We know there are some teams closer to winning a championship than others. I’m not talking about the next team to win,” Gio said. “I’m talking about, if this team in New York won a championship, it would be the biggest story, meaning it will be bigger than any other team winning a championship.

“There’s more fans for the Yankees than any other team around, but they’ve won the most championships. And 2009 feels long for the Yankees, but it’s not long in real time. You got a lot of Mets fans, but there are a lot more Yankees than Mets fans. But 1986 is getting father and farther away. There’s a lot of baseball fans here, so they have to be in the conversation.”

So, with the baseball teams likely not atop Gio’s list, he made his pick: the Knickerbockers, whose fanbase hasn’t seen a title in 50 years.

“The Jets are second on my list. My pick is the Knicks,” Gio said. “That is the truest, to me, New York teams that are out there, are the ones that play at The Garden. Those are the truest New York teams.”

For Boomer, his No. 1 is Gio’s No. 2.

“I know the team: it has to be the Jets,” Boomer said. “I know the Knicks are right there, and I think the Knicks are solidly the No. 1 basketball team in town, probably by 98 percent…so collectively, they probably have 98 percent of the basketball fanbase in New York, where maybe 40 percent of a football fanbase are Jets fans, because the other 60 percent is either Giants fans or fans of another team. But the fact that it is football, and it’s so freaking popular, and Jets fans…that is an insane fanbase that will absolutely lose it if Aaron Rodgers comes here and somehow, some way, gets them to a Super Bowl.”

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