Keith McPherson shuts down idea of Aaron Judge signing with Mets: 'No universe where that happens'


Keith McPherson fielded a phone call on Friday night that stirred up a debate over whether Aaron Judge could be pried away from the Yankees and head across town to Steve Cohen and his billions of dollars, but Keith emphatically squashed that idea.

“Him in Flushing would be flushing his legacy,” Keith said. “He ain’t doing that. They built his chambers in Yankee Stadium for him, he’s not playing for the Mets.

“The Yankees are not broke. So any blank check that Steve Cohen put out for Judge, Hal Steinbrenner can match.”

Sure, Steinbrenner, unlike his father, has shown much more caution when it comes to handing out mega contracts, but he has been willing when it comes to a bonafide star, like Gerrit Cole, and that’s what Judge is, only there is more incentive to keep him in the Bronx as a homegrown star who has been the face of the franchise and the only player from the Baby Bomber era to blossom into a perennial All-Star.

“On the other side, there’s Yankee fans that look at Judge as the next captain, as the all-time Yankee…these young kids, Aaron Judge is their guy,” Keith said. “He is never gonna play for the orange and blue. He’s never gonna kick it with Mr. Met. There is no universe where that happens. We would never let it happen. He would never let it happen. He would never tarnish his legacy like that.

“Aaron Judge knows his worth, and he’s gonna make sure the Yankees pay it to him.”

So, no matter how much Mets fans may dream about stealing away the Yankees’ biggest superstar, Keith says even Judge wouldn’t let that happen. He may hit the open market this winter, but it won’t be to move across town.

“Don’t tell me Mets fans love Aaron Judge,” Keith said. “I’m disgusted. He’s ours. Get your greedy eyes away from Aaron Judge. Stop thinking dirty thoughts about our guy. You’ll never have him. He doesn’t want you. he’s not interested with you…he’s got a good setup right here. He’s home over here.”

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