Jerry: Yankees seem 'confused' about their future, but Mets have vision and plan


As both the Yankees and Mets enter the home stretch of seasons that have become colossal disappointments, Jerry said one New York club is clearly in a better spot than the other.

And it’s all because of Steve Cohen.

“He’s got a longer vision for this team,” Jerry said. “Sometimes I look at the Yankees and think they’re confused about what they’re gonna be in the next five years. I don’t get that with the Mets. I get the sense that the Mets know what they’re gonna be in five years, or at least have a plan for what they’re going to be.

“I’m not saying the Yankees don’t, but from the outside looking in, it looks like two different franchises going in two completely different directions.”

The direction of the Yankees is cloudy thanks to some bad contracts, aging veterans, and a lackluster farm system, but Jerry says there is at least a place he would start this offseason, and the same goes for the Mets.

“You gotta go find a damn good outfielder and a damn good third baseman,” Jerry said. “Start there. Don’t do that, and it’s a failure. I don’t know how you can say otherwise.

“For the Mets, go get a DH…go get a couple quality arms that are going to give you a solid six innings.”

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