Aaron Boone FaceTimed Brian Cashman right after undergoing surgery


Aaron Boone talked with reporters on Friday and expressed how revitalized he felt following his surgery to have a pacemaker implanted, but Brian Cashman got a look at just how quickly Boone bounced back from his procedure right after it was completed.

Boone underwent his operation late Wednesday afternoon, just before the Yankees’ 6:35 p.m. start for their spring training game against the Blue Jays, and less than an hour after the game began, Cashman’s phone rang.

It was Boone, already reaching out just hours after his surgery, if that.

“He FaceTimed me, it might have been 7:10,” Cashman said. “I don’t what the exact time of his procedure was that day, whether it was 4:30, 5:00, 5:30. All I know is we had a game start at 6:30 the day of his procedure, and at 7:10 I get a FaceTime, and it was Aaron Boone.”

Cashman did his own research on the pacemaker procedure after Boone told him what the doctors had recommended to treat his heart condition, and was relieved to see that the surgery had become much more simplistic, but even he didn’t expect to be hearing from his manager right after the operation.

“I’m like ‘oh my gosh,’ and I pick up, and the energy, how good he looked, the personality was so vibrant,” Cashman said. “He was like ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ and I’m like ‘Hey, how are you feeling?’ He’s like ‘I feel great!’”

Boone told reporters on Friday that he already feels a major difference in his energy level, and is hoping to return to the team as early as Saturday.

“I’m like ‘wow,’ it was just a real tip of the cap to the expertise of the medical field and what these exceptional doctors in their areas of specialty are able to do for people is just incredible,” Cashman said. “For him to be put under for this procedure and within an hour or so, to be back up and running as if nothing happened at all is incredible.”

Cashman also anticipates Boone to return to the team in the coming days, once the necessary COVID hurdles are cleared, which would make Boone’s medical leave last less than a week by the time he’s back in the dugout.

“I know he’s chomping at the bit to get back into that dugout and back into the Yankee uniform,” Cashman said. “Frustrated with the COVID intake process, but he understood that going in. But the greatest thing is that he just feels amazing.”

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