BT RIPS Brian Cashman for comment about Yankees fans being spoiled


It’s been a Monday that’s been Kyrie, KD, and A-Rod on WFAN – but in the middle of Monday’s Tiki & Tierney Show, the boys had to take a minute to address what Brian Cashman said this weekend in an interview on our sister station 670 The Score in Chicago.

And when it came saying, basically, that Yankees fans are spoiled, well…BT was PISSED.

First, here’s a full Cashman excerpt as a reminder:

“The truth was in the end, we were four games short of a World Series appearance, but it felt like the way our fan base reacted and the press that we got knocked out in the first round. So you can’t really remember sometimes reality versus the perception, and the perception was we didn’t do well. The reality was we had a hell of another run at it but, but fell short. But that’s just the New York market.”

BT’s reaction?

“You know who should say that? The Pirates’ GM, if they ever stumble upon 90 wins and make the playoffs and get smoked in the Wild Card, NOT the Yankees!” BT said. “When Cashman says this, it obscures the ultimate point that the roster he has put together has not gotten it done – so whatever his perception is, it’s different from mine.”

The playoffs are the proof in the pudding, according to Tierney.

“Against the Guardians, a bunch of kids who have no business based on payroll and experience being on the same field against the Yankees, the Yankees hit .182 with a sub-.650 OPS, and they struck out 53 times in 154 at-bats,” BT said. “That’s DEPLORABLE, but somehow, they won.”

Oh, and then came the Astros.

“Against the Astros, a team that owns them and we gear up to beat every offseason, the Yankees batted .162 with an OPS of .502, and they were swept!” BT exhorted.

So yeah, “a hell of a run” seems to be a misnomer, although the falling short bit certainly resonates.

“Don’t tell us this was another hell of a run!” Tierney said. “I don’t even know why I care, because it’s a new season, but when you say that about us, I take offense to that.”

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