Evan praises Blue Jays announcers for raising Aaron Judge question


Craig and Evan agree that Aaron Judge is not a cheater, but Evan loved that the Blue Jays TV broadcasters had the awareness to bring up the Yankee slugger’s peculiar glances towards his own dugout in between pitches.

“Two great broadcasters asked a question,” Evan said of Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez. “They said. ‘Huh, isn’t that weird that he’s glancing over multiple times in an at-bat? I’ve never seen that before. Isn’t that peculiar?’ That’s all they did. They asked a question.

“I want to commend the great Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez for not accusing anybody of anything…I appreciate questions being asked, as opposed to on YES, where they’re analyzing the spin rate of Aaron Boone throwing a piece of gum.”

Shulman and Martinez went viral on Monday night after they wondered aloud together why Judge continued to glance over towards his dugout in the eighth inning. Shulman heard plenty of criticism for elevating the suspicions by saying, ‘You don’t want to go throwing allegations around without knowing, but…’ but Evan felt it was a great bit of broadcasting.

“What Shulman and Martinez did that they’re so brilliant at...they brought up the judge peer before he hit the home run,” Evan said. “It was three pitches earlier. They called it out pitches before Judge hit ball 470 feet.”

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