BT & Sal commend Giancarlo Stanton's accountability, but results are more important


Giancarlo Stanton’s batting average is down to .188 on the year, and has been an exactly league average hitter in terms of OPS+ over the last two seasons.

That’s not the production the Yankees expected from Stanton, who is only 33 years old and in the middle of a 13-year, $325 million deal. It’s also not the production Stanton expects from himself, as he told reporters after Wednesday’s 0-for-4 performance that he needs to be better, and is working to do so.

Sal and BT praise Stanton for never shying away from interviews and always taking accountability when he struggles, but it has reached the point for Sal where the lack of production outweighs Stanton handling himself the right way in New York.

“You’re here to hit home runs….if you suck, and you say you suck, that’s great, but ultimately, we need the results,” Sal said. “It’s great that he takes accountability, but at some point, we need to see the results from Stanton as well.”

BT agrees, and while he believes the Yankees will eventually eat a chunk of Stanton’s contract to move him, he needs to see more from the oft-injured slugger in the interim.

“It’s not like it’s one outlier season,” BT said. “He batted .211 last season.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sarah Stier | Getty Images