Gio says this has been biggest difference between 2021 and 2022 Yankees


Gio already apologized earlier this week for when he called the Yankees the most boring team in baseball, and since then, they won another game in comeback fashion, now winners of 15 of their last 17.

“Going back to the beginning of the year and how I felt about his team and where they are now, what did I miss?” Gio asked during Thursday’s show.

But it didn’t take long for him to answer his own question when assessing what the biggest difference is between this year’s group and its more dull predecessor.

“Timely hitting,” Gio said bluntly. “I’m sorry to use these baseball clichés, but how many big home runs have they had in recent memory? That’s another one. Walk-off, comebacks, things like that.”

The Yankees were one of the worst teams in baseball with runners in scoring position last year, and got off to a similar start this year. But now, they are feasting on the long ball when needed most, leading the league in runs scored via the home run, while the pitching staff is among the best in baseball in terms of collective ERA.

The pitching has kept them in games, while timely home runs have helped them to 11 comeback victories, leading to a more entertaining product.

“Starting pitching and clutch hitting are the things they’re excelling at that they struggled with last year,” Gio said. “That is the biggest difference between the 2022 and 2021 Yankees.”

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