Gio & Jerry: Is Aaron Judge greatest New York baseball player of our lifetime?


After Aaron Judge blasted a game-tying home run against the Orioles in the ninth inning on Tuesday night, Gio and Jerry were ready to ask the question.

Is Judge the greatest New York baseball player of their lifetime?

“I would say best player I’ve ever seen, and if you ask me ‘since,’ I’d say since Don Mattingly,” Jerry said. “But if I’m taking one of them, I’m taking Judge.

“Before people start screaming about Tino Martinez and Paul O’Neill and Derek Jeter and Mike Piazza and all these guys…I’m talking day-to-day, the way he plays his position, the way he can play right field and center field, the way he can hit for average, the OPS…the home runs, he has to be, in my lifetime, the best player he’s ever seen.”

Gio said there is only one player that gives him pause to declare Judge the best of his lifetime.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player as dominant as him in New York baseball,” Gio said. “If you’re talking about when he’s healthy and when he’s on, he’s as impressive as any player I’ve ever seen. Mike Piazza was a guy I felt the same way about, but Mike Piazza defensively was not very good.

“If I’m gonna definitely make that statement, that Judge is the best player in New York that I’ve ever seen, I think it stops at Jeter.”

But Gio and Jerry agree that right now, Judge is the best player in the league.

“You can give me Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Bryce Harper,” Jerry said. “Aaron Judge is the best player in baseball right now.”

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