Sal rips Aaron Boone's 'data applicator' managing: 'Manage with your eyes and gut'


Sal has been a big fan of Aaron Boone’s intensity and energy in the dugout, but he is once again fuming at the Yankee manager seeming to be nothing more than a “data applicator” when it comes to managing the pitching staff.

After Boone told reporters that he was set on Nestor Cortes facing Adam Frazier in the seventh inning, Sal heard all he needed to hear. Boone had made a decision based on matchups before the inning began, and didn’t bother to let the feel of the game change his decision in real time.

“The decision was made,” Sal said. “He wanted Cortes to face Frazier no matter what…he lets the first two guys on, you have to go get him. There’s no choice. But he’s trying to sneak through, wanting him to face Frazier no matter what.

“Using some common sense would have been better there. After a walk and a base hit, with a guy who has hit a wall after the fifth inning all year, maybe you should get him out of the game.”

Boone has won 100 games in two different seasons since taking over in 2018, and has won two division titles, but Sal says his strict following of statistics and “lanes” leaves a lot to be desired.

“I like the energy, I like the entertainment value he gives you,” Sal said. “You can’t argue his clubs have won a lot of games since he’s been here, but this, however, is unacceptable.

“It’s about having a feel for the game and having a feel for your pitcher, who has had issues going deep into games. I don’t want to hear the numbers and the stats. Manage with your eyes and your gut, not by the book.”

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