Gio sounds off on Yankees for 'screwing' with Aaron Judge: 'What is wrong with you people?!'


Aaron Judge went deep twice in Wednesday’s win over the Rays, bringing his season total to a league-leading 27 as his arbitration hearing looms on Friday.

Boomer and Gio have both been adamant all week about how allowing a hearing to happen is foolish on the Yankees part, and they should pay the $4 million difference and give their homegrown superstar the $21 million he asked for before the season began.

But Gio had to hammer the point home one more time before the hearing happens, because he still can’t believe the richest team in baseball is going to a hearing with its best player over an amount that, in the grand scheme of things, is a parking ticket.

“The Yankees are just tweaking this guy and screwing with him for reasons I can’t understand,” Gio said.

“You want to say money? We’re not talking about the difference of $400 million, we’re talking $4 million. Are they that scared of the luxury tax threshold that they can’t give their best player, the man everyone wants to see and the kids look up to - there is a whole generation of young Yankee fans that this is their Dion Mattingly, this is their Derek Jeter, this is their Mickey Mantle - and you’re screwing with this guy?”

It certainly doesn’t seem like a smart negotiating strategy with a player who is performing like an MVP in his contract year, but the Yankees seem set on going to the hearing, and Gio just can’t fathom why.

“You’re screwing with him over $4 million?” Gio said. “What is wrong with you people?!”

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