Evan & Tiki: Aaron Judge clearly putting 'public pressure' on Brian Cashman


Aaron Judge told reporters that there are “a lot of things” around the Yankees that needed to be fixed, and both Evan and Tiki believe the captain was putting the general manager on notice.

“It’s like he doesn’t like somebody there…it’s clearly Brian Cashman, who he’s trying to put pressure on,” Tiki said.

“He doesn’t need to put the public pressure on Brian Cashman, because there’s already pubic pressure Brian Cashman…there’s a chance that this was as wasted a season as you can have as a Yankee. From a Yankees perspective, this is abject failure.”

Evan also believes Judge’s comments were geared toward Cashman, but also to the Yankee operation as a whole, and it seems as if Judge wants to have input in multiple levels of the organization, not just on the field when he’s in the batter’s box or manning right field.

“My accurate description over the last hour was correct, that maybe he doesn’t like Brian Cashman? Is that correct?” Evan said. “He’s talking about everything…maybe the development of young players, when they get to the major leagues, maybe he doesn’t believe they’re as ready as they should be, to the stuff we mostly care about, which is bringing in the right players and good enough players.

“He wants a seat at that table with Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner, as the captain, as the best position player on the team.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sarah Stier | Getty Images