Boomer still isn't sure if Yankees should offer Aaron Judge more money: 'He's 30 years old'


With Aaron Judge continuing his monster season, many have considered the slugger’s decision to turn down the Yankees’ seven-year, $213.5 million contract extension a wise choice, considering Judge is currently seen as a perennial MVP candidate.

But even as Judge continues to flex his stardom, and continues to stay healthy since the end of 2020, Boomer isn’t sure the Yankees will, or should, come back with a higher contract offer.

“Again, it’s his age,” Boomer said during Wednesday’s show. “If he were 27 years old, it would be a totally different story.

“All the analytics, everything these people look at when they decide the money they’re willing to give him, all come back to that.”

Judge, despite being in only his sixth full season, just turned 30 years old, a result of three years at the collegiate level and another three in the minors. Still, he is currently on pace to put together a season even better than his historic rookie season, and that is coming on the heels of a healthy 2021 in which he hit 39 home runs. Since 2017, he has been one of the most valuable players in all of baseball when on the field.

For Boomer, the “when on the field” part is what gives the Yanks pause.

“Aaron Judge is sitting in the middle of an MVP season right now, so I’d imagine his agent’s going ‘the number’s going up,’” Boomer said. “But you have to remember, he blows a knee out, he pulls an oblique and is out six weeks, now all of a sudden there is a strong history of injury, and what is going to happen in the offseason?

“He’s 30 years old. These are the variables that you have to look at.”

Gio, on the other hand, believes it may be time to go back to Judge and “sweeten the pot.”

“Sometimes you have to overpay on the back end,” Gio said in response to Boomer’s concerns about Judge’s age. “Everybody does that.”

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