Evan 'fascinated' some Yankee fans don't seem to care about Aaron Judge's Triple Crown chase


Evan Roberts heard the groans from the Yankee Stadium crowd when Aaron Judge ripped two doubles in Wednesday night’s win over the Pirates.

He understands the fans want to see home runs No. 61 and 62, but he doesn’t get why there wouldn’t at least be cheers for a double, which helps Judge inch closer to an even more improbable achievement.

“You don’t give a rat’s ass, nor do most Yankee fans, about the fact that Aron Judge is trying to win the Triple Crown,” Evan said to Craig during Thursday’s show.

“He’s a machine. He’s been pushing towards this batting title…last night at Yankee Stadium, Aaron Judge ripped a double int the left field corner.
If you listen back to the clip of that double, I noticed something in the first two seconds. People are groaning. Aaron Judge rips doubles, and there’s a great amount of fans who are like, ‘Damn it, he didn’t hit a home run.’ He’s trying to win the Triple Crown! Do you not care about that?! That’s crazy to me.”

Fans are hungry for historic home runs, and the anticipation spikes every time Judge knocks the doughnut off his bat and makes his way to the plate. But Evan thinks there should be some more big-picture awareness when it comes to the Yankee slugger racking up more hits, even when they don’t leave the park.

“Breaking the home run record, the Maris record…was something that felt inevitable the entire season,” Evan said. “He was always on pace…winning the batting title is a come-from-behind story.

“You don’t care, and neither do Yankee fans who are groaning when he rips a double into the left field corner. I find it fascinating.”

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