Gio: Yankees showing who we thought they would be, are heading for another early exit


The Yankees somehow escaped with a much-needed victory on Wednesday night, but that isn’t going to make Gio forget about the team’s recent struggles, which he believes are a confirmation of the concerns many had with the roster heading into the season.

“The team we’re seeing now is sort of the team we expected to see after last year and the offseason they had,” Gio said. “The fact that we had an idea that this team would struggle in certain areas, and it’s happening now at the worst time makes me think that they are who we thought they were going to be, which is a team that isn’t good enough to compete in the American League.”

With that in mind, Gio sees the Yankees suffering a similar fate that they have since the start of the Baby Bomber era, and once again missing out on a World Series appearance.

“This is what has been the story for them year in and year out in the postseason,” Gio said. “Good regular season, make it to the playoffs, win a bunch of games, get beat by a better team. Red Sox, Astros, Rays, that’s what happens. And that’s what’s gonna happen again.

“They’re gonna make it to the playoffs because of this great run they went on, they’re probably gonna win the division, if they collapse it’s gonna be bigger than any collapse we’ve ever seen in baseball, or at least right up there, and they’re gonna get beat by a better team.”

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