Rivera & Newton were not the problems in Carolina

Amy Trask still hopes for the best for Matt Rhule

CBS Sports NFL Analyst Amy Trask joined Nick Wilson and Stan Norfleet to give here thoughts on the Panthers organization and also the Hornets picking LaMelo Ball in the NBA Draft.

Trask opened up the interview discussing risky first round draft picks relating it back to the Hornets’ decision to take LaMelo Ball, and said the real key is to surround those picks with the best possible players.

Trask then opened up about uncontrollable variables that affect players, directly commenting on Lavar Ball.

Switching to the NFL, Trask shared her thoughts on the Ron Rivera/Cam Newton era for the Panthers, and also expressed optimism for Matt Rhule and Teddy Bridgewater.

Trask closed with her thoughts on conflicting reports regarding a fight between New York Giants Head Coach Joe Judge and Offensive Line Coach Marc Colombo, and outlined the NFL’s rules regarding fights within an organization.