Beane: 'I feel better, but I still think we have a ways to go'

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Photo credit Photo: Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills)

The NFL's owners meetings got underway this week from Phoenix, Arizona and the Buffalo Bills were represented by the likes of general manager Brandon Beane, head coach Sean McDermott and owners Kim and Terry Pegula.

Beane took some time to speak to the media on Monday, and here is some of what he had to say:


Beane on E.J. Gaines:

"He's an instinctual player who we lost in free agency last year. It's good to have him back... he was out there and we just stayed in touch with his agents and worked it out for [Gaines] to come in today. We were able to work out some parameters before he even got here. We're glad to have him back for a year, and it's kind of a chance for him to show he can stay healthy and fight to try and win a starting job."


Beane on competition at the cornerback position:

"Levi Wallace ended the year in that starting spot and he did a solid job, but we're not handing jobs out here. It's an open competition with all these guys and we still have the Draft. We could add someone there to throw in the mix, too. We feel we've got some competent guys that have shown they can do it, and I think a competition is the best for everybody."


Beane on competition between most all positions:

"I think everybody here, we all compete at something. If you've got somebody that's pushing you, you're naturally going to do a little extra. We're trying to add as much competition across the board whether it was a 'need area' or not, and that's the great thing. We've still got the Draft... we'll try to add as much competition to the roster between now and the spring and continue to try and add it at all spots."


Beane on free agency being a "shopping list":

"You never stop looking. If there's a guy out there that we think is a good deal and maybe thought he was going to be a guy to earn a better deal and didn't get it, and we think he fits us schematically and culturally, we would still look to add players if it's a spot of need."


Beane on the Draft Board and what the team is up to now:

"The last time we touched the board was right before the Combine in Indianapolis. We're doing Pro Days and privates and we'll bring these guys in for the 30. We'll bring our college scouts back in this week, too, and then touch base with them once more on April 5th. We'll then go back and start rolling through the board, get back into the film and start grading."


Beane on the state of the team in late March:

"You feel better that we answered some holes, but my nature is that I don't rest easy. I'm still looking for ways for us to add more competition, however it be. This is a great spot for trades to happen; now, I'm not saying there's anything happening here, because there's not. If a GM approached us now with an offer for a player that we think is an upgrade or will add competition, we would still look to make that move. Overall, I feel better, but I still think we have a ways to go."


You can hear Beane's entire interview below: