Beane says he's ready for online draft; not thinking about trading back into first round


Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane made an appearance with John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live on Wednesday and touched on a wide array of topics.

Here are some of the important things he said:


Beane on what concerns he has about holding the draft entirely online and virtual: 

  • Beane credited Vice President of Information and Technology Dan Evans and his staff for getting the front office prepared and ready for the online draft, saying “I have a few monitors, sizes and shapes... we're ready. I'll have several people on different ones." 


Beane on not holding a first round pick and possibly trading back into the first round:

  • "I don't anticipate us at all trying to get back up into the first round. That’s not something I'm even contemplating right now." Beane said they are focused on Friday, which is when the second round begins.


Beane on trading either up or down in Round 2:

  • Beane says he's looked at what it would take to move up, including to what spots would cost a fifth round pick and to what spots would cost a fourth. He's also looked at going down and doesn't rule out either scenario.


Beane on how he's approaching being ready for who might be available at pick No. 54:

  • "I could tell you probably 20 of the 32 first round picks. Then there’s another 20 that will probably go in this last 12 spots, wherever they go. I have an idea. I put together some names of about 24-25 guys that I’ve felt pretty confident were going, if not top-32, top-35 to 36. So then you’re looking at, ‘alright, if I’ve got about 18 to 20 spots left before our pick, what would be on the board?’ That’s kind of how I’ve looked at it at this point, still a week out."


Beane on new offensive lineman Evan Boehm:

  • Beane said he's got position flexibility, able to play both guard and center, and added that offensive line coach Bobby Johnson worked with Boehm while with the Indianapolis Colts and spoke highly of him.


Beane on the contract status’ of left tackle Dion Dawkins and linebacker Matt Milano, both entering the final year of their rookie deals:

  • Beane said he's been in contact with the representatives of both players, adding they both have the same agent, calling that "one stop shopping,” and that he has discussed timelines with those representatives, but had no comments on specific contract talks for either.


Beane on where his staff is in their draft process as of right now:

  • The Bills' final draft board should be done by this weekend, and Beane said his staff will do their own mock drafts on Monday and Tuesday. The first round is Thursday night.


Beane on what the impact of not being able to see prospects face-to-face may have on the overall draft and teams’ preparation:
  • "Our approach is to nail this draft and to make the most of it, and I hope some teams do make some mistakes and some players fall that maybe wouldn't have otherwise. But we can't let that happen from our end.”

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