Goodell: 'I want to make sure the Bills remain stable and competitive'

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Batavia, NY (WGR 550) - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to a group of local reporters on Monday while in town for the 33rd Annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Golf Classic. The subject of a new stadium for the Bills came up and here's what Goodell said:


Goodell on where things stand between the league and the Pegulas as far as an eventual new stadium for the Bills:

“I think they’re doing the work and talking about what it takes, and what do they need, because each one of these, there’s no secret sauce. What works in Dallas doesn’t work in Buffalo, necessarily. The reason why I’m supportive [of a new stadium> is because I want to make sure this franchise remains stable here and continues to remain competitive. I think it’s great for this community. We’ve been able to do these stadiums in such a way that it creates a tremendous economic benefit, too. I want the Bills to be successful and I want them to continue to be competitive here in Buffalo.”


Goodell on if there’s a challenge to doing that in Buffalo, as a smaller market:

“Sure, but it’s not that we haven’t had this in every market size. Stadiums are important to the franchise. They’re important to the competitiveness, as well as to the fans. The fans expect a higher quality stadium than they did twenty years ago. More technology, more things that will bring them out of their home to go to a football game."


Goodell on if he feels a new stadium is in the future for the Bills:

“I don’t know. A lot of the leases that we’ve done over the years have contemplated a period of time to sort of look at that and sort of see where the stadium is and see whether there’s a potential for that and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll continue to work with the various public officials, as well as the private officials, and try to see what the right solution is."


Goodell on what stability the Pegulas have brought to the Bills since buying them in 2014:

“Just as the Wilsons did, I think they love the community. They want a winner. They care about winning and doing it right in this community. And I think they’ve taken that approach. They’ve taken the long-term approach to say, ‘let’s build a winner here, but let’s also do it in a way the community will be proud of this franchise.’ And I think they have and I know we at the NFL, we’re fortunate to have the Pegulas. Both Terry and Kim have been active on the league level, so we’re happy to have them here in town.”


Goodell on why things would be different in Buffalo versus what happened in San Diego:

“You’re talking exactly about what I was just talking about which is the importance of a stadium. A stadium is going to maintain the kind of fanbase that is going to keep the team competitive and allow us to be successful in that market and that’s exactly why we’re focusing on it here in this market, as well as we have in every other market. I think there’s been $13 billion spent just in the last eight years on stadiums across the NFL."


Goodell on why the NFL shouldn’t just build a new stadium:

“Because it’s not just about the NFL building it. It’s a public-private partnership in almost every case. Of that $13 billion, $11 billion of it was private money. But there’s also ways for the public to participate and to find ways to solutions. So, these stadiums are complicated, they’re difficult, and that’s exactly why discussions have to go on between the public sector and the private sector to figure out what’s best for the community. How do we develop this? How do we do it right? And we’ve been really successful in doing that around the country."


Here is the response from Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz after the comments today from Goodell regarding the Bills stadium situation:

My response to @NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's comments from earlier today regarding the #Bills and the need for a new stadium:

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Bills GM Brandon Beane chatting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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