Allen vs. Jackson features elite mobility at quarterback


The National Football League has seen its fair share of mobile quarterbacks grab the attention of fans across the country. The Randall Cunninghams, Michael Vicks, and Cam Newtons appeared to have broken defenses in many respective seasons.

In one season though, and specifically one game, you'll be hard pressed to find a matchup between two running quarterbacks that have had the combined production that Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson have had in the 2019 season. 

While Allen is much more similar to Newton as a runner, with Jackson's style mimicking that of Vick's, the production on the ground has been significant on both sides regardless.

"I grew up watching Michael Vick and I think he is right up there with him," Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer said about Jackson's style. "He is probably the first real dual-threat quarterback I've played."

The two most polarizing quarterback prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft have become the most successful of the class (so far) by proving a lot of scouts and group-thinkers around NFL circles wrong about their abilities as passers.

However, the mobility that was such an attractive trait coming out of college for both Jackson and Allen has been as big a reason for their success.

Not to mention the success of the Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, who have the best records in the AFC outside of New England. 

Between Allen and Jackson, the two second-year quarterbacks have combined for 1,407 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns in the 2019 season alone. That is in just 12 games each. 

The two are moving up the record books for their rushing production.

Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen have a combined 1,407 rushing yards this season. On Sunday that will represent the most combined rushing yards on the season by opposing QBs in the same game in NFL history. Matching dual threats.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) December 3, 2019

Allen's 16 rushing touchdowns in less than two seasons is six scores away from breaking Newton's record of 22 rushing touchdowns in two years. 

As for Jackson, all he needs is 63 rushing yards in four games to break Vick's all-time single-season quarterback rushing record of 1,039 rushing yards.

In current reality, Jackson is on another level than that of Allen as an all-around player. He is the leader to win the MVP award and his explosiveness for a quarterback has only been seen once or twice in NFL history. 

Luckily for the Bills defense, they will be more prepared than anyone this year heading into their matchup with Baltimore with what their quarterback can do as a scrambler.