Chris Berman criticized for MNF blunders, including ‘Jared’ Allen and 'Nick' Trubisky


ESPN legend Chris Berman was behind the desk for his signature “Fastest 3 Minutes” highlight segment during halftime of Monday night’s Baltimore Ravens/Kansas City Chiefs broadcast.

Let's just say it wasn’t the smoothest three minutes of his career.

Berman botched the names of two quarterbacks - MVP hopeful Josh Allen and the recently-benched Mitchell Trubisky - in a span of 15 disastrous seconds.

This was another swing and a miss for Berman, who said the Texans (he clearly meant Titans) are 3-0.

Berman’s blunders can probably be attributed to Freudian slips - “Jared Allen” was a prominent NFL player at one point. Though the mistake-riddled segment led some, including James Neveau of NBC Chicago, to wonder if the veteran host has lost his fastball.

Luckily for Berman, most viewers didn’t seem to notice his slip-ups, praising the ESPN lifer for his humor and enthusiasm, including a probably unintentional Cardi B reference.

Berman’s “Nick” Trubisky gaffe got plenty of traction on social media Monday night, though luckily for the ESPN lifer, he probably won’t have to say his name again for a while. Coach Matt Nagy announced Monday that Nick Foles will serve as the starter going forward, leaving Trubisky as the Bears’ backup.

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