Additional renderings for new Bills stadium in Orchard Park revealed Monday

The team released renderings for both the inside and outside of the new stadium
Photo credit Buffalo Bills/Populous

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN/WGR 550) - While we await the finalization of the new stadium deal for the Buffalo Bills, the team released an additional round of renderings for the new facility set to open in Orchard Park ahead of the 2026 season.

I'm so excited. We were looking at them in the office this morning, and I think everybody - in some way, shape or form - gasped in their own way. They look fantastic," said founder of 26 Shirts and co-founder of "Bills Mafia", Del Reid on Monday. "I can't wait to be able to actually attend a game there. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun."

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In the latest round of renderings for the new Bills stadium, the team revealed additional looks at the outside façade of the stadium from different angles, including a close up look showing greater detail of the mesh-like metal perforated screens designed to create "wind confusion".

The team also gave another look at the inside of the stadium with a look towards the Bills' sideline. The look can also feature where the press box will be for the new stadium, as well as some proposed club seats for fans along the Bills' sideline and in one of the end zones.

"It just looks so impressive. From the outside, it looks like it's gonna be a beautiful structure. It looks like it's been a great experience in the stands," Reid said. "My favorite thing, I think, that I saw was in the original renderings, they had the giant buffalo statues, which I thought was pretty impressive."

In addition, the Bills released some additional renderings of some of the planned activities for fans at the concourse levels during games. While one rendering looks at one of the bars set to be constructed, another the other pair take a look at what fans may see when walking about the concourse during contests. This includes a couple of "Shout!" platforms in the new stadium that will allow fans of all ages to cheer on the team.

"Obviously, it'll be the latest and greatest that the stadium building entities out there have to offer," Reid said. "I have to imagine there's gonna be a lot of cutting edge opportunities for fans to experience that I'm sure are going to stay in line with what it really means to be a fan of football in Buffalo."

These new renderings of the proposed stadium in Orchard Park come exactly one month after the last set of renderings were released by the Bills.

It is still expected for the official groundbreaking of the new stadium to take place sometime in late April or early May. The major construction for the new stadium is expected to get started sometime in June.

It was nearly two weeks ago when members of the Erie County Stadium Corporation (ECSC) affirmed the general project plan for construction of the new stadium.

With the authorization of the general project plan, this included the authorization of all the necessary agreements. The main agreements as part of the project plan includes extensions to the current lease, a lease for the new stadium, construction and development agreement, a non-relocation agreement, extension of the non-relocation agreement, a community benefits agreement, and 40 other documents pertaining to the stadium deal here-and-there.

The next step in the process will be to get the finalized documents that have been authorized over to the Erie County Legislature for their final approval of the overall stadium deal. It is the hope those documents will be presented to the Legislature sometime in the very near future.

Once the stadium deal has been voted on and approved, the construction of the new stadium will then be allowed to move forward.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Buffalo Bills/Populous