Favre: 'Josh Allen will be the new Tom Brady' in the AFC East

The Hall of Fame quarterback had some high praise for the Bills' third-year signal-caller

NFL fans and analysts are lauding Josh Allen's progress.

He's led the Buffalo Bills to a 4-0 start for the first time since 2008. He currently sits ahead of names like Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott in terms of NFL MVP odds at 11-to-1. He's even drawing praise from the greatest quarterback in Bills history, Jim Kelly himself.

Jeez, what's next? A Hall of Fame quarterback comparing him to, arguably, the greatest quarterback the game has ever seen? That already happened? You don't say.

Radio host Bruce Murray brought up Josh Allen's success and asked Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre just how impressed he was with the third-year signal-caller's performance to this point in 2020.

"Talking about Josh Allen, man he looks awesome," Favre said. "That kid is a tremendous talent, he can sling it, he can move. For a big guy, he can really move. But more than anything... what we're seeing now is he's taking it to the next level. He's winning games.

"I think for Buffalo fans and the organization, it's what you've been waiting to see, and you've got it. His time is now, and I think it's going to be for quite a while."

Wow. Bills fans, I know you've heard it a bunch, but when you really let that thought sink in -- your time is now, after nearly 20 years of pure dominance from the New England Patriots -- it's really quite a concept. And Favre said he sees that success continuing for a long time, too, meaning the next comparison was inevitable.

"I think Josh Allen will be the new Tom Brady," Favre said, though perhaps not speaking in terms of pure football greatness. "At some point, he will be running the division. I believe that."

While Cam Newton isn't going to let that happen so easily -- he had been playing phenomenal football before a COVID-19 diagnosis potentially put his season on hold -- it seems like the Bills are clearly at the front of the pack in the AFC East for the time being.

Brady was at the front of the pack in the AFC East for quite a while, and Favre believes the same thing will happen to Allen. See, it's not so ridiculous a comparison after all!

Allen's 15 total touchdowns and one interception through four games, as well as an undefeated record, may have some people ready and willing to place Allen on a pretty high pedestal.

A Brady-level pedestal? That's still a ways away.

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