Isaiah McKenzie turned down eight teams to re-sign with Bills

"Money is nice... But if we got paid in candy, I'd still stay in Buffalo.”

There’s no doubting Isaiah McKenzie’s commitment level. In his Zoom conference call on Wednesday, the gadget wideout said he drew interest from seven or eight other NFL teams.

However, he always wanted to stay in Buffalo.

"If everything is even, I'd rather go to Buffalo,” he said. “I like playing there.”

Later, McKenzie said he views the Buffalo Bills as a “second family,” and would stick around even if he weren’t paid $1.15 million (OK, that may be an exaggeration, but the gesture is still appreciated)!

"Money is nice... But if we got paid in candy, I'd still stay in Buffalo,” McKenzie added.

The 25-year-old speedster broke out last season, scoring five touchdowns, including three in the season finale. He caught 30 passes for 282 yards as well, serving as a key weapon for Josh Allen in the league’s No. 2 passing attack.

Last weekend, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported the Chiacgo Bears were pursuing McKenzie. McKenzie mentioned the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions were interested in his services, too. He confirmed he could’ve fetched more money elsewhere.

But McKenzie chose Buffalo, because he wants to win.

How nice is that to hear?