Murray-to-Hopkins Hail Mary finish to beat Bills leaves fans in awe

The social media world reacts to the Cardinals' Hail Mary win over the Bills on Sunday

The Kyler Murray-DeAndre Hopkins duo reached a new level of insanity on Sunday.

With the Cardinals down 30-26 and time running out against the Buffalo Bills at State Farm Stadium, it seemed as if Buffalo was going to hold on for a road win.

But with the ball on the Buffalo 43-yard line and 11 seconds remaining, the Cardinals had a little magic left in them.

Murray dropped back for one last Hail Mary play and found himself under pressure. He evaded a potential tackle as he rolled to his left. As he drifted toward the sideline, Murray heaved the ball down field to Hopkins – who was triple-teamed.

Somehow, some way, Hopkins elevated himself in position to make a miraculous catch and cement an incredible Cardinals victory and a devastating Bills loss.

The play and ending to the game left nearly every NFL fan with their jaw hanging on the ground wondering how on Earth both Murray and Hopkins pulled that off.

Fans began to dub it as the “Hail Murray” as reaction from social media praised the Cardinals second-year quarterback, as well as the unlikely catch Hopkins made – a sore sight for eyes of Houston Texans fans after former head coach/general manager Bill O'Brien traded him away in the offseason.

Even Murray himself tweeted his reaction once he got back to the locker room:

If it’s any consolation for the Bills, they did what they needed to do, Hopkins is just not human.

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