NFL cap expert: Bills front office is league's best

Brandon Beane has masterfully built the Bills into a Super Bowl contender

It’s hard to argue with Brandon Beane.

When he became Buffalo Bills' general manager, he inherited a brutal cap situation and roster bereft of upper-echelon talent. Four years later, he’s turned the Bills into a Super Bowl contender.

The turnaround has been incredible, and now, everybody across the league is noticing. NFL cap expert Jason Fitzgerald, founder of, said recently Buffalo has the best front office around.

“I think if you look at them for the last two, three years now, I think you can make a pretty strong argument that this is the best front office in the NFL,” he said via “They took over such a bad situation when they came in with Tyrod Taylor, Marcell Dareus and that whole group that was there on bloated contracts. They've maneuvered that better than any team that's ever had to come into a situation.”

The most consequential move Beane made was selecting quarterback Josh Allen with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but he’s built an incredible roster around him. Most consequently, Buffalo nabbed wide receiver Stefon Diggs last offseason. He went on to led the NFL in receptions and yards.

This spring, we’ve seen Beane brilliantly leverage Buffalo’s newfound standing as Super Bowl contenders. He’s re-signed key members of the core to below market deals, including safety Micah Hyde and linebacker Matt Milano, and inked wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to a reasonable one-year contract. Perhaps most tellingly, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky signed with the Bills to back up Allen, betting a stint in Orchard Park would remake his value.

With Beane signing an extension through 2025, he should have an opportunity to fully see his vision through. The next step is re-signing Allen. Both sides acknowledge it’s just a matter of time until something gets down.

The league’s best front office takes care of its business.