Zack Moss: Josh Allen can throw a football 100-plus yards

The Bills rookie running back said so with former NFL player Chris Long on his "Green Light" podcast

10 seconds left, down a touchdown, backed up at your own 10-yard line, no timeouts left.

In this situation, for 99.9999999999% of football teams, regardless of level, the play call here is to go with a short pass to a play-maker and look forward to some lateral-filled mayhem. Maybe, if you're extremely lucky, you can look for a 30-yard play down the sideline that gets you out of bounds and gives your quarterback a reasonable chance at a Hail Mary.

But the 2020 iteration of the Buffalo Bills might just be the 0.000000001% team, in the above equation, that would take an alternate route. That's because, according to rookie running back Zack Moss, star quarterback Josh Allen can throw the ball over 100 yards in the air. Really.

"Probably 100 yards... plus," Moss told former NFL player Chris Long on his "Green Light" podcast (go to the 55:35 mark). "I think, if he just wants to zip it instead of putting air... on the ball, I think he can probably throw it 100-plus.

"His arm is just— I mean, he has a top-five arm... he's super strong, and he knows how to use his body to help him get a lot of throws off and stuff like that, so I would say 100-plus."

100-plus yards. As in a full football field, and then some.

Moss didn't even say it with a laugh, a hint of sarcasm, or anything. With how effortless he makes some of these heaves look, it really makes me wonder if this is true.

According to Allen, his farthest toss was an 83-yarder from his college days, though he said that the elevation helped him out. But has he ever just dropped back, stepped up and put every single ounce of muscle and torque he has in his body into one, giant throw? And if he did, could it possibly go 100 yards?

It simply must be done. Let's arrange that Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen throw-off, stat.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Kathryn Riley - Getty Images