WATCH: Yadier Molina teaches Astros non-roster invitee not to run on him after taunt


Think of yourself as a prospect in a major sports league, trying to make an impression so as to boost your reputation.

You probably wouldn't dare Stephen Curry, the NBA's active leader in three-point field goals, to take a three-pointer against you, right? It wouldn't be prudent to talk trash to Julio Jones, the NFL's active leader in receiving yards — so long as Larry Fitzgerald joins Jason Witten in retirement this offseason — into beating you in man coverage, you know? And it probably isn't too wise to tempt Yadier Molina, MLB's active leader in catching runners stealing from behind the plate, into a showdown on the base paths... but no one told Astros prospect Jose Siri that.

First, the unedited version of the play:

And next, Jomboy's tremendous breakdown (as usual) of everything that went into making this play such a special one.

I'd save the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag for a catcher that hasn't thrown out 350 wannabe base stealers with a success rate of over 40 percent, which is the second highest caught stealing percentage among active ballplayers. Just because Yadi is up there in age — last year, he was the second oldest player in the National League, trailing only Adam Wainwright — doesn't mean he can't still unleash his cannon whenever needed.

But, hey — Siri had to learn somehow. It doesn't look like he'll make that mistake in future instances.

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