Adventurous goose makes outfield cameo during Cubs/Diamondbacks spring training game


How loose was stadium security at Sunday’s Cubs/Diamondbacks spring training game in Scottsdale? You might say it was as loose as a goose.

Whoever was manning the gates Sunday at Salt River Fields must have been asleep at the wheel. One ambitious prankster, perhaps inspired by the efforts of Body Suit Man and other pioneering on-field intruders, got the bright idea to hop the stadium fence, touring the premises before eventually sneaking up on Cubs outfielder Rafael Ortega. Surprisingly, this reckless act wasn’t perpetrated by a streaker after too many rum and Cokes or a rebellious teenager on a dare. No, this trespasser was of the avian variety.

Ortega was careful to keep his distance, weary of what the diabolical, security-bypassing goose might do to him if the two came face to face. Sunday wasn’t the first MLB game to be disrupted by encroaching wildlife. Fans of the Detroit Tigers surely remember “Rally Goose,” who miraculously survived a harrowing encounter with Comerica Park’s 6,000-square-foot LED scoreboard. And who could forget the time a bald eagle went maverick and harassed Mariners left-hander James Paxton before his start against the Twins in 2018?

After witnessing this savage altercation between two rival geese in center field, Ortega probably made the right call by staying out of it.

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