Dan + Shay are all about manifesting a collaboration with Adele

Plus, find out what other artists make them starstruck
Dan + Shay
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Ahead of playing a one-of-a-kind, totally private show for some lucky Audacy listeners, Country duo, Dan + Shay, took some time to think about who they would want to receive private concert for themselves.

LISTEN NOW: Dan + Shay tell Katie Neal who they’d like to receive a private concert from

“I’d say maybe Adele or somebody, that would be really, really cool,” lead vocalist, Shay Mooney, told Audacy’s Katie Neal. “Because then I could ask her if she wanted to do a song with us,” he laughed. No shame here — put those collaboration vibes out there.

While discussing other options, the pair landed on the topic of the artists that have made them feel starstruck. They included Cody Johnson, Alan Jackson and Keith Urban.

“Cody Johnson is so sick,” said Dan Smyers immediately after being asked who the last artist was who made him “lose his cool.” “I bought tickets to go see him last summer and was singing every word… He’s got a presence. It’s like when you’re around this guy, [you know] he means business.”

WATCH NOW: Dan + Shay tell Katie Neal who they’d like to receive a private concert from


Added Mooney, “It reminds me a lot of the first time we met Alan Jackson,” he said before detailing the moment Jackson tapped them on the shoulder ahead of an already nerve-wrecking performance.

“I was already nervous,” said Mooney. “We were standing there, side-stage, and you could feel a shadow coming right behind us and heard this voice [say], ‘Dan and Shay, Alan Jackson.’ We were like, ‘We know who you are,” he laughed. “I was definitely starstruck in that moment.”

Aside from starstruck moments and private concerts, the pair took some time to share their excitement for the new music their working on which they’re calling their best work to date.

LISTEN NOW: Dan + Shay talk new music with Rob + Holly

“Shay’s voice sounds better than it ever has,” Dan told Audacy's Rob + Holly with enthusiasm. “It’s always sounded incredible, but it’s on a whole nother level.”

Added Mooney, “I think we’re just in a really great place right now and when we get together and write songs, we’re having a lot more fun than we ever had.”

WATCH NOW: Dan + Shay talk new music with Rob + Holly


Hear more about new music, what’s to come in 2023 and more from the guys in their interviews with Katie Neal and Rob + Holly above.

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