Warren Zeiders tells fans, ‘you’re not alone’ with new single, ‘Pretty Little Poison’

The lead single from his debut album, now available everywhere

Launch artist, Warren Zeiders, is digging deep with his debut single, “Pretty Little Poison,” now playing on Audacy Country stations nationwide.

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A powerful ballad about the one he can’t shake, Zeiders tells Audacy writing the song was an emotional challenge for him, but one he found important to defeat. “It’s probably the hardest song I’ve had to write because of how close to home it hits,” he expressed. "[It’s] definitely the hardest song I’ve ever had to sing, it’s a song that’s kept me up many of nights when it came to recording this song because I felt, in my heart, this song needed to speak the truth…. I had to believe myself, first, before I put it out.”

Vulnerability oozes from the track as Zeiders battles his demons with carefully crafted lyrics that sing, “She's my pretty little poison / My heartache in the night / With a kiss on her lips just like cyanide.”

While his pain is prominent, Zeiders says he finds it important to expose to create community and let fans know, “You’re not alone in this world.”

LISTEN NOW: Warren Zeiders tells fans, ‘You’re not alone’ with new single, ‘Pretty Little Poison’

“I’ve been through it and there’s been countless other people who have been through it,” Warren said of the message he hopes the song spreads. “I feel like we all have a ‘Pretty Little Poison’ whether it’s a girl… or a guy or whatever it may be,” he continued. “It could be something you battle with in life. It’s something you know is not good for you and you continue to go back to it because it’s just too good to say ‘no’ to it.”

The song is just the beginning of what’s to come from Zeiders as it’s the lead single and title-track of his debut album, Pretty Little Poison, now available everywhere.

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