WATCH: Woman discovers hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror

By , 106.5 The End

A woman in New York discovered a creepy hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror, and what's really scary is that anyone could have entered her apartment through this seemingly abandoned unit.

The Daily Mail shared @samanthahartsoe's TikTok story in which she discovered the hidden apartment after experiencing a cold draft coming from her bathroom mirror.

In the video, the woman is complaining that her apartment is always cold, even when the heat is turned on. After discovering that the cold temperature is coming from her bathroom, the woman shared in the video that the cold draft is strong enough to cause her hair to blow in the wind.

In the clip, the woman attempts to stop the bizarre draft with no success by taping the bathroom vents and inspecting the light switches. She then reveals that the source of the cold air is coming from behind her mirror, and her adventure begins.

She removes the mirror to find a large hole leading to a dark multi-room apartment.

Not knowing what she would find, the brave woman then puts a mask over her face, straps a flashlight to her forehead, and pushes her way through the mysterious hole in the wall.

The hidden apartment appeared to be under construction, as it had unfinished walls and a toilet in the middle of the room. It also had a staircase with an unlocked door, which anyone could enter.

The woman said she would be giving her landlord a call about the discovery.

The story, told across 4 separate TikTok videos has received around 17.6 million views, and almost 2 million likes.

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