Remarkable Women: Lori Libby, Dr. Tay, Kate Flannery

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Lori Libby

First guest is Remarkable CHOP Mom and member of the ‘Real Housewives of Children’s Hospital', Lori Libby! Lori shares her journey with her Son Max, the Brave Warrior Cancer Destroyer! We think Lori is pretty darned brave too! Happy Mother’s Day.

Remarkable Women, 98.1 WOGL, Marilyn Russell, Philadelphia CHOP

Our Second Guest is Dr. Yen Tay Scogna (aka Dr. Tay), an extraordinary pediatric emergency physician from CHOP and Mom to Nico, her 21-month old who is the center of her world. Dr. Tay shares details on CHOP’s success maneuvering thru the pandemic and utilizing their outreach programs to make sure kids stayed healthy during a challenging time.

98.1 WOGL, Kate Flannery, Remarkable Women, The Office, Philadelphia
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The third guest is two-time SAG winner, comedic actress Kate Flannery. Probably best known as Meredith from The Office, Kates got a new movie out called Golden Arm which looks hilarious. Did you know she’s a native Philadelphian? We reminisce about her old stomping grounds. She’s awesome and Philly is very proud of her!