Remarkable Women: Rachel Riley & Angela Val

Rachel Riley, 98.1 WOGL, WOGL, Remarkable Women

First on the program is Rachel Riley, Senior Director of Communications, Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board. She brings all of the details on Montgomery County’s ‘Crave Montgo,’ for the entire month of July. Now that we’re dining out again, Crave give you lots of options and many ways to save money! It’s an opportunity to enjoy some great meals with friends and family while supporting local hospitality and vendors who took a bit hit during the pandemic. Rachel shares what’s new with Montgo Makers too!

Angela Val, 98.1 WOGL, Remarkable Women

Ready/Set/Philly helped the City reopen in a myriad of ways…we wanted to see how that all began so went to the expert, and our second guest, Angela Val. Angela takes us through the journey and provides a glimpse into the Fall as Philly rebounds and Re-opens. She also shares details on the ‘Good News Roundup’ a weekly round up reminding people of all the wonderful things our City offers. You can check those out and even share your event with Ready Set Philly at

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