Joe Keery on ‘FREE GUY,’ ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 and working with Ryan Reynolds


Joe Keery, best known for his role as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, joins 98.1 WOGL’s Glenn Kalina for a delightful chat about his newest movie role in FREE GUY.

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Fans interested in knowing how season 4 of Stranger Things is coming along will be happy to know “we’re getting close to being done,” Keery says. “If I say too much, they will get mad at me,” but, “I’m done shooting.” He’s even been able to see a couple of sequences that he was a part of and says, “it’s a very Ambitious season.” As for a spin-off, though, “that is above my paygrade," but continues, “I would imagine somewhere down the line.”

Shawn Levy, the producer of the mega-hit series Stranger Things, is also producing this latest movie FREE GUY, which he says is like “if you took The Truman Show and Ready Player One and put it in Grand Theft Auto.” The new film also stars Ryan Reynolds, who Keery reveals is “a very easy-going, hard-working, t