Britney Spears once offered her mom a house to divorce her dad, according to Jamie Lynn Spears

During a podcast appearance, Jamie Lynn elaborates on more private family feuds detailed in her new book
Britney Spears, Jamie Spears
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During Jamie Lynn Spears’ most recent interview amidst her frenzied media circuit to promote her new book, Thing I Should Have Said, Jamie alleged that Britney Spears once offered her mother a new house if she divorced their father.

In her tell-all book, Jamie Lynn claims that Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears’ 2002 divorce was ignited by Britney. During her conversation on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the former Zoey 101 actress told host, Alexandra Cooper, that Britney’s attempt to incentivize her mother to leave their father was a “really weird f****** thing to do."

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Jamie Lynn elaborated on the situation and said, “I was really confused by that. Now looking back, like what a weird f****** thing to do. It seems like a weird thing, like, 'I'll give you a house if you divorce Dad.' Why would your kid be able to tell you that?”

She continued, “Already, these dynamics are messed up, and that's where I think, too, my dynamics were kind of effed up. Because my sister's paying bills. But I was a kid—I didn't have a choice where I put my head or where I slept.”

At the time Jamie Lynn said she attempted to make sense of the situation, but if she refused to stay in the new house her mother was living in, gifted to her by Britney, she would have had nowhere else to live.

“Like, what am I gonna do? Tell my mom I'm not sleeping here? Well, guess what, you're sleeping on the street. I had no choice over that. But it was confusing to me. [I thought,] 'Wait, so they're getting a divorce and my sister said she's gonna pay for...' Can you imagine the math going on in my head?"

While Britney urged her parent's divorce, based on their father’s struggle with alcohol addiction, Jamie Lynn expressed that she firmly believed that her parent’s relationship did not change after the divorce.

The Nickelodeon star said, “Nothing changed. Me and my mom still argue about this. Dad was there the first night we stayed in the house. I'm telling you he was. And mom says, 'No, he wasn't.' I was like, 'Yes, he was.'”

"I was like, 'Is Britney gonna be mad because Dad's here?' You see what I'm saying, like who am I supposed to [answer to]? I just remember feeling like, what is up and what is down."

Jamie Lynn went on to explain that their father, who solely controlled Britney’s conservatorship for 13 years, never wanted to be in the house that Britney had purchased for Lynne.

“He didn't wanna live in that house, because Britney had paid for it. He didn't like that. I guess that was just the dynamic, I don't know. But I just remember being really confused by it," shared the mother of two.

Since embarking on a media tour for her book, Jamie Lynn and Britney’s public battle has escalated across social media. After Jamie Lynn appeared on Good Morning America, airing out the deepest dysfunctional aspects of their relationship, the two sisters have been engaged in a war of words all with the assistance of iPhone's notes app.

Britney accused her sister of spreading lies about her behavior after Jamie Lynn described her as being “erratic, paranoid and spiraling,” during an interview.

Jamie Lynn has now offered to take their feud offline after the global Popstar said it was “tacky” for the two of them to be airing out their family drama in a public sphere.

However, Jamie Lynn’s appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast comes days after agreeing to make their battle private. In the teaser for her appearance on the podcast, Jamie Lynn is asked to read a recent private text sent to her by Britney.

Cooper, the podcast host, asks, “You have a text message that clears your name from your sister. Can you pull out your phone and read that recent text from Britney?"

In the clip, it's apparent that Jamie Lynn is handed her phone. The teaser cuts to black before Jamie Lynn proceeds to read the message.

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