Does Your Dog Love You?

Dog love
Photo credit Getty Images/PavelRodimov

Dogs love treats, being petted, and taken out on adventures.  But do they love you beyond the care for them?  Veterinarian Dr. Vanessa Spano has identified ways to know true love from dogs, “It is so important to understand your pets' body language, as that is their way of communicating with us.”

The way your dogs wiggles body is one, “When interacting with your dog, body language signs to look out for that may indicate comfort and positivity include a relaxed body (or wiggly body during times of excitement, like play or you coming home), soft, forward ears and soft, rounded eyes.”  It's all about that full body wag, “Confusing signs include wagging tails and exposed bellies. A dog wagging his tail simply means he is aroused by the situation. This can be a good thing, but not necessarily; it depends on the context of the situation.”   Also a raise of eyebrows is a show of love.

Getting your attention is another sign, “It is also a good sign if your dog is soliciting attention from you, such as with a play bow.”  Leaning on you and bringing a toy reveals feelings of attention.  More here.