How To Use Mask At Restaurant

Restaurant mask
Photo credit Getty Images/gmast3r

I still haven't returned to eating at restaurants even outside but have been thinking about it.  So discovering what experts are saying about what to do when eating at a restaurant helps especially how to use your mask. 

After sanitizing your hands when sitting down and not going to the restroom to wash them, here's what to do when you remove your mask, “When you are eating at a restaurant, the last place you want to put the mask after you remove it is on the table.”  The reason why, “COVID is transmitted via respiratory droplets, which can occur even when people are talking. So just having a simple conversation with your friend and family can cause droplets to land on and contaminate your mask.”  It is suggested to put your mask in a paper bag.

They also recommend wearing the mask the whole time before eating, then keep off until finishing meal. “Constantly putting the mask on and off between bites can actually increase the risk of spreading COVID, as you increase the possibility of spreading the virus from your mask to your hands and subsequently spreading it around.”  Much more here.