PETA Donates 200 Fur Coats To DC Homeless Shelter

Peta donated several coats to DC homeless shelter.
Photo credit iStock / Getty Images Plus

Several people in need were gifted with coats to brace the winter weather -- fur coats to be exact.

On Wednesday, PETA, known for it's animal rights activism, partnered with The Department of Human Services and The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness to distribute over 200 fur coats to the people at Adam’s Place Emergency Shelter.

The organization said that the coats were donated by "people who had change of heart about cruelty behind fur."

PETA has actively combatted the use of animals for their fur or any sort of testing or entertainment.

“We encourage people everywhere to donate their fur or fur-trimmed coats to help those who have few options in life—the only people with any excuse to wear them,” said PETA Executive Vice President,Tracy Reiman.

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