It's the gift of financial Literacy for kids

WPGC 95.5 and our partners at JP Morgan Chase are giving the best gift… the gift of financial Literacy for kids
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With the holiday season upon us, Tis the season to give! WPGC 95.5 and our partners at JP Morgan Chase are giving the best gift… the gift of financial Literacy for kids

JP Morgan Chase recognizes that financial education should begin at an early age. The Chase Literacy Grant Program and other programs like, Chase First Checking are two signature initiatives of JP Morgan Chase local education programs.

Tunesha Mathews of Southeast Washington D.C. is a parent who has taken advantage of one of these signature programs. Ms. Matthews who is the mom to…. Has already begun to build financial solemnity for her son. Every month that she receives her monthly pay, a portion of her income goes directly into her son’s account. He even has the ability for his account to grow by completing his weekly chores and by doing special projects around the house.  Says Mathews, “I love this system because it teaches him the value of money at an early age. More importantly, he is beginning to understand the importance of responsibility and the power of having his own income”.

Taking the charge for JP Morgan Chase in the area of Financial Literacy for children is Radhika Dugghl, Chief Marketing Growth Financial Products Officer at Chase. Radhika suggests that parents should begin to start to teach their children about financial literacy as early as age 5.  The concepts of saving, spending and budgeting, are all great practices that will eventually develop these kids, who have begun to embrace Financial Literacy into financially equipped adults.

Chase First Banking is an educational tool available for kids as young as 6 years old. It provides the opportunity for parents to have an organic conversation with their kids about money, Radhika says.

“Having the conversation about money in the context of something that makes sense and is specific to the child will surely help them with money, as they grow into young adulthood.  Radhika affirms that these children will actually take to these topics and start to accumulate a diversified portfolio of assets. They will become perceptive when it comes to money

WPGC 95.5 and their partner JP Morgan Chase, wishes all of our listeners and supporters a great and safe holiday season!

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