Chris Simms on Baker Mayfield’s lack of chemistry with Odell Beckham: ‘It’s not gonna’ happen'


On routes at least five yards downfield, Odell Beckham has been open over 70 percent of the time this season. That’s one of the highest rates in football, yet, for whatever reason, he’s remained a consistent non-factor in the Browns’ passing game, showing concerningly little chemistry with quarterback Baker Mayfield despite playing together the last three seasons.

Certainly, Beckham, coming off another injury-plagued year in 2020, isn’t the dominant force he was early in his career when many regarded him as the most gifted receiver in all of football. But even if the 27-year-old isn’t as explosive as he was in his Giants heyday, he’s still an elite athlete and plenty capable of creating separation downfield. So why can’t he and Mayfield get on the same page?

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