Baldy on Flores: 'It caught me off guard, I was disappointed'

Brian Baldinger joined The Joe Rose Show on Wednesday morning

The stories about the Miami Dolphins keep coming out from our local writers and they certainly don't paint the best picture of what went on this season.

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Now with Brian Flores out and Chris Grier, in where does Miami go from here?

Audacy NFL Insider Brian Baldinger joined The Joe Rose Show on Wednesday morning to talk about the Dolphins offseason and the firing of Brian Flores.

"I was disappointed," said Baldinger. "I was a fan of the way they played for him, what they just did to the Patriots on Sunday, how they played for him even though they are out of the playoffs. I thought that was pretty significant. I don't imagine Brian will be unemployed very long. I love the guy."

Baldinger also spoke with Joe about whether the decision of drafting Tua Tagovailoa was a big reason why this firing ultimately happened.

"If you take Tua over Justin Herbert," Baldinger started. "If Justin Herbert was in Miami right now would Chris Grier and Brian Flores be best friends? Would they both be there? Would the Dolphins getting ready for a playoff game this weekend?"

Both Baldy and Joe believe the answer would be yes, especially with the Dolphins defense.

You can listen to our full conversation with Baldy above.