Flores, Grier, Ross Power Struggle

Jason La Canfora tells of Brian Flores lust for power.
Power struggles in Dolphins Organization
Chris Grier and Stephen Ross Photo credit © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Insider Jason La Canfora is not so surprised that Brian Flores has been fired by Miami but Stephen Ross did shock him saying, “I am most surprised he picked one over the other, that Grier stayed.”

La Canfora feels he knows one of the reasons for the firing, “It was no secret that Brian Flores was looking for more power in the organization.”

“Stephen Ross opted to take the good cop over the bad cop optically,” La Canfora says.

He continues on Flores, “In week 7 he was wearing people out back then.”

With all the unrest in the organization, La Canfora says, “I am shocked they pulled out what they pulled out because that place was toxic back then.”

Although he was demanding that does not mean Flores will be a dictator in the future according to La Canfora, “Maybe Brian Flores learns from this and he is better.”

Finally, how does the rest of the league feel about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross?  La Canfora feels, “I think he means well but he does not seem to have the right read to bring a winning result.”

The Dolphins continue their coaching search.

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